License Plate Game HD App Reviews

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Great but needs DC, Canada, and Mexico

I can understand Mexico and Canada not being here, but why isn't Washington DC already here? Canada and Mexico would be awesome additions but forgetting a rather important part of the US is kinda bad. It's not like I'm saying you should put in things like Puerto Rico or other US territories, but you really need DC.

Fun, but... flaw is that it doesn't maintain state when switching to another application. It has a default trip named "Around Town." If you create a new trip and start tracking States and license plates, then switch to another app, when you return to this app it defaults back to the Around Town trip instead of the one that was previously active. Also, it doesn't let you delete the Around Town trip.

Please add Canadian and Mexican plates!!!! And an interface for multiple variations of each state or

LOVE this app! Love the multiple trip feature! Love the states visited map feature! Love the map for plates found! Please add 1. Canadian plates 2. Mexican plates 3. a third tab with all variations of each state/province plate, so we can keep track of finding ALL variations over all our trips. 4. a password required to undo would be nice for use with younger kids who easily make mistakes Will upgrade to five stars with upgrades! The first two should be pretty easy. The third would be awesome! The fourth would be a great feature. Clear interface. Easy to use. Best state license plate tracker out there!

Great app - please add Canada and Mexico

Great app for family trips, but we see a lot of Canadian and Mexican plates and have no way to track them.

Great app, needs Canadian Provinces

We would love to see Canadian Provinces on the next update. We saw six of them on our last trip, but had no way to mark them down.

Great way to pass the time

Great way to have some fun on a long road trip. The idea of marking the states visited on the trip is a great addition to the game. The articles worked well by rotating the iPad to the vertical position. One thing I would like to see is to have the date added to the trip and a way to end the trip. That way you can look back on past trips and see the time frame of the trip. Another feature would be to add Washington DC plate and the Canadian provinces since those are plates to look for as well.

It has maps, pictures, and info

Top notch! I really like the map viewpoint. The images of the standard plates is helpful. Turn the iPad to vertical and I get information overload! I appreciate that there is a limit article on each state with the initial download. Updating to current, full Wikipedia article is about 30 M and once it's done there is so much info on each state it's almost overwhelming. And the articles are available when the iPad is off-line! I like the two sets - visited states and viewed license plates. Things to make it better: Canada provinces and Mexico states are missing. And some Indian reservations issue plates too. My crew likes to keep track of more than just car plates. Truck, trailer, special, motorcycle, and veteran are the current list. Of the license plate game apps I've seen, this is my favorite!

The license plate game has gone digital!

Love that you can record the license plates AND states visited and mark off these items on separate trips. I would give 5 stars if they had Canadian plates and Wash DC

Great Ap

This is one of the best apps I have ever bought especially after getting done with my 1100 mile road trip. We located 44 license plates matching what we had done the previous year. This app is excellent because it gives you all the tools you need to find LPs when you are on the road. My only complaint is the Ap defaults to the top trip in the que not the last one you updated. This is maddening when you are inputing so many LPs over a thousand miles.


The map is nice very nice! You have to turn the iPad to portrait to view the state details.

No articles?

This app looked really cool, but no articles are displayed. Even after updating. Developed website and app help lead to dead links, whats up?

Nice map, buggy

Nice plan - map, multiple trips and store wiki pages of state information, but I can't get the state information to come up. App support button goes no where. Save your money until e next upgrade.

Good but could be better

We always play this game on long road trips and on vacation so I was impressed with the way this works. The articles on the states are cool as is the ability to run multiple trips or games at the same time. Some suggestions for improvements: No allowance for Washington DC. I know it's not a state but it is a distinct license plate you can spot. Canadian provinces would be cool too.

Big improvement from the iPhone version

The extra screen size makes all the difference in this app. It was decent in the iPhone version, but it's really something special with the addition of the maps and the ability to record separate trips. Very nicely done and well worth the price.


I was hesitant to try an app with no ratings... But i was pleasantly surprised. My wife and I do this frequently while on road trips and this app just makes it that much easier.

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